The purpose of a powerflush is to restore the efficiency of a heating and hot water system by removing circulation problems. Over time your heating system collects corrosive deposits and sludge if it has not been correctly chemically treated. These corrosive deposits and sludge seriously harm radiators, boilers pumps and pipes and will gradually undermine the efficiency of your system. Limescale build-up is another common cause of the malfunctioning of hot water services .

If untreated these deposits will eventually lead to serious breakdowns which could require extensive repair .The main symptoms of a system in need of treatment are:

  • Higher fuel bills
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Noisy boiler
  • Boiler frequently cuts out owing to overheating (caused by poor circulation)
  • Insufficient hot water

Powerflushing with the best chemical cleaners will often cure these symptoms and leave you with a fully efficient system.

When replacing a boiler in an existing system boiler manufacturers insist that the system be thoroughly flushed and chemically treated. Failure to do this could invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty and may lead to unnecessary repairs to a new boiler. The best means of avoiding this is to have your system powerflushed.

The life and efficiency of boilers is also greatly enhanced by the fitting of magnetic filters, scale reducers and replenishing chemical inhibitors in heating systems. We always use the top quality brands – Magnaclean, Fernox & Sentinel for example

Our charges for powerflushing start at £250.00.

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